We have two Resource booklets formatted into ‘flip books.’ They include instructions, links, videos, and additional resources that cover the message of Our Lady of Fatima, highlighting the entire program of Children of the Eucharist.


Step by step outline of Our Lady of Fatima ‘CALLS’ to Catholic Educators, families and the children of the world.


Step by step outline of Outline to help to return the gift of sacrifice into the lives of our world’s children: Our Lady of Fatima ‘CALLS’ to Catholic Educators and Families for Sacrifice


Our Lady of Fatima ‘Calls’ to the Children of the World. This third booklet is not a resource. It is a read-along. But we also formatted this great read along into a flip book format to help everyone to easily help our children to open their hearts to experience this ‘CALL’ for Sacrifice from Our Lady. There is a DVD that is a companion to this booklet and is available in our store for a donation.


'One Promise and Five Easy Steps' Program

...for our world’s parishes, schools and families and the entire world of Catholics

A complete ‘step by step’ program to help, teachers, parents, grandparents, homeschool, faith formation, etc.. to spiritually assist our world’s children to open their hearts and souls to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Above is the first ‘Fatima’ tutorial presented to you by Children of the Eucharist and delivered by way of a video presented by Mrs. Cathie Baier. You can contact Cathie at

We have broken down the message of Fatima and created simple products to present to the children.
The total program consists of One Promise and 5 Easy Steps. You can find each of them in the top of this page.

This program will help strengthen and ‘ignite the flame of faith’ in our children and the families of the world!

Why are we so certain? Because this program was developed from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the most tender and loving of all mothers.

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“If you do as I ask, Russia will be converted, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, and the world will have a era of peace…” – Our Lady of Fatima